Offical cooperation between AS EG Ehitus and Kebulin is declarated in 1 of May 2021. AS EG Ehitus is authorized delaler of Kebulin-Gesellschaft Kettler CmbH & Co.KG in Estonia disctrict.

The Kebulin company more than 85 years develops and produces innovative systems for corrosion protection products for steel pipelines and fittings.
The pipe protection product range is very wide. The most well-known two tape system for corrosion protection in worldwide pipeline construction and is still used today.
For special applications, such as trenchless pipe laying, suitable systems were developed over 20 years ago and have been setting standards in this field of application ever since. The key advantages of the systems are their high mechanical strength in terms of impact, indentation and abrasion resistance as well as their good chemical and light resistance.

Kebulin could provide with system suitable for processing with small and big nominal widths and even for automatic tape application on pipelines (DN 1400).